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All About Hurricanes

Information about hurricanes in Florida and other parts of the world
Since 1900 twenty-one major hurricanes have hit the Florida Peninsula. Most of them occurred during the first half of the 1900's. The 1940's were the most active hurricane period in Florida's history with five major hurricanes hitting in a 10 year period. The two worst hurricanes to hit florida were the 1935 Great Miami Hurricane and Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Both were category 5 hurricanes.

Miami's Largest Hurricanes
  • 1926 Great Miami Hurricane (hit Miami on September 18) Hurricane King (hit Miami on October 18) Hurricane Cleo (hit Miami on August 17)
  • 2005 Hurricane Wilma
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina (hit South Florida on August 25)

    Miami Hurricane Season
    June 1 through November 30

    Definition of a Hurricane
    A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, which is a generic term for a low pressure system that generally forms in the tropics. The cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms and, in the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth's surface. Tropical cyclones are classified as follows:
  • Tropical Depression (winds of 38 mph or less)
  • Tropical Storm (winds 39-73 mph)
  • Hurricane (winds of 74 mph or greater)

    Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
  • Category 1 Hurricane - winds 74-95 mph
  • Category 2 Hurricane - winds 96-110 mph
  • Category 3 Hurricane - winds 111-130 mph
  • Category 4 Hurricane - winds 131-155 mph
  • Category 5 Hurricane - winds 156 mph and up

    Hurricane Hazards to Prepare For
  • Storm Surge (water pushed toward the shore)
  • Marina Hazards
  • High Winds
  • Tornadoes
  • Inland Floods

    How to Prepare for a Hurricane
  • Develop a Family Plan
  • Create a Disaster Supply Kit
  • Have a Place to Go
  • Secure Your Home
  • Develop a Pet Plan

    Hurricanes from 1900 to the Present Day

    Florida's Comsing Hurricane Calamities

    Hurricanene on Florida Hurricanes

    Naming Hurricanes
  • History of Naming Hurricanes
  • Names of Past Hurricanes
  • Names of Future Hurricanes

    U.S. National Hurriane Center
    The official Web site for the NOAA National Hurricane Center has hurricane awareness information, marina forecasts, hurricane alerts, hurricane tracking information. hurricane history, and other information.

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